Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Is Master Missing?

Greetings, Humans.

I am sad today.

I have been sad for two whole days.

Master is missing.

I am dreadfully worried. He left the home den very early one day, before the sun had risen. I do not know why. He did not return.

Could the giant cat creature have eaten him? I do not know when the giant cat creature hunts. I have not smelled her for many weeks now, but that doesn't mean she didn't return for a taste of my master. I wonder what he tastes like? I like the way he smells.


Mistress does not play with me like master does. She doesn't run around the food-eating place of delicious smells, making me bark with delight. She doesn't wrestle me to the ground. And the human puppies are too small to play with in such a manner. Only master.

I will not be happy again until master walks through the door.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ms. Puppypants:

    Master has not been eaten by the big cat creature, I suspect. He may be on that evil thing called a "business trip".

    I'm sure he misses you too. Mistress loves you but she has those human puppies to deal with. Trust me, I know. Hang in there.